Did you received the Grasp?

After ordered the Grasp online, and receive the package, download Grasp Insight App to your mobile phone.


Use the GRASP in your everyday life, and monitor your progress with the GRASP Insight mobile app. Grasp is perfectly customized to fit your hand and works stand-alone without any connections.

Synchronize the data

Synchronize the data from the Grasp with Grasp Insight App. The use of Grasp revolves around finding an area of focus related to pain, mental health or other emotions one desires to track. The squeezes are stored inside the Grasp when you squeeze it.

Consult with specialists

Consult with your doctor using Grasp Insight for desktop, either remotely or in-person. Then adjust the plan of use if it’s needed.

Transfer data from Grasp

You can upload data from device to Grasp Insight as often as you want.