What is Grasp Ice Bucket Test?

Experimental cold provocation using an ice bucket test is a standardized and well-proven / validated way to inflict cold-triggered pain. In this study, the participants will hold the non-dominant hand in a water bath (FP40HE, Julabo Lobortechnik GmbH, Germany) with a constant temperature of 3 degrees Celsius.

How it works?

The participants will then be asked to indicate pain intensity with either NRS (numbered scale 0-10) or Grasp (squeeze the device) every 9 seconds for up to 110 seconds.

Pain intensity is expected to increase with increasing cold exposure time. The participant can withdraw the hand from the water bath at any time if the pain becomes unbearable. Total time with the hand in the water bath is registered (cold-pain tolerance time). 

Ice Bucket test - Instruction


First time the Device

The participant is getting familiar with the Grasp Device and checking out how it works.


Read the instruction!

The Participant is given an instruction (step by step) how the test procedure will exactly look like and is expected to read it carefully.


Prepare yourself!

Participant is invited to the test execution place


3..2..1 Start!

Test operator starts a new „Momentary Symptom Assessment Session” in the Grasp application on the Ipad device


Device calibration

Device calibration by the participant hardest, medium and the lowest possible squeeze


Follow the instructions

Participant is given a reminder when exactly to squeeze and is asked to put his/her hand in the ice bucket


Icecold water

Test operator every 9 seconds asks the participant to squeeze the Grasp Device to indicate momentary pain level


The end

Either after 110 seconds or immediately after the participant can’t bare the pain anymore and takes the hand out of water. Test operator ends „Momentary Symptom Assessment Session” in the Grasp application on the Ipad device

Some photos from latest test