The hospital orders Grasps

The hospital orders and receives 10 Grasp along with simple instructions on how to set up and use it. The nurse is responsible for downloading Grasp Insight App to the hospital mobile phones in the ward. As soon as your organization signs a contract with Grasp we will arrange a dedicated B2B account for you and set up your organization in the Grasp-Ecosystem. We will also deliver a number of required Grasp Devices to your medical facility.

Once it’s all set you will get access to the system and credentials to login.

Download Grasp Insight

The Nurse downloads Grasp Insight from the application store to hospital mobile phones

Run downloaded App

To Run Grasp Insight App, it is required to click on the Grasp Insight Icon on the hospital phones, where it was downloaded

Follow the scenes

Follow the Registration / Login process. The instructions will be shown on application screens

Monitor the new patient with Grasp

A patient with symptoms that need monitoring is admitted to the ward.

Fit Grasp to the patient needs

Through the ESAS-r form, the patient and healthcare professional decide on which symptoms are most interesting to follow and why Grasp is a suitable tool for this.

Grasp Insight for Web

Register / Login on web, to get access to the Clinic's profile

Create patient profile

It is possible to create an account for the patient, or invite him via e-mail

Monitor multiple patients

Our Grasp Clinic solution enables clinics and therapists to handle multiple Grasps.

Link Grasp and a Patient

Create a patient profile and link that to the Grasp device.Patient's observations can be organized and divided in multiple timelines. Separate timeline can be shared with the medical staff via Grasp Insight / Web app.

Introduce the Grasp to the Patient

The patient receives a Grasp. Together with healthcare professionals, he goes through some exercises. That helps the patient to get familiar with the Grasp and calibrate it.

Let patient monitor his own data

Physicians and nurses assess the patient's condition together during shift changes and visits


In case of symptom, the patient squeezes Grasp

Transfer the Patient’s data from Grasp

Nurse uses Grasp Insight to upload data from Grasp device to Grasp Insight / Web. Patient can upload data from device to Grasp Insight as often as she wants

Analyze the data

Physicians and nurses assess the patient's condition together during shift changes and visits. They are reading the logs.

Observe and adjust plan

Adjusts measures based on symptom trends or new information. Physicians and healthcare specialists can focus on a one-time event, specific period of time, or even a weekly view where the patient experienced issues.